Brick Fundraising

The Charger Field Committee has started a fundraising project to construct a permanent ticket booth at the entrance to Charger Field.  Fundraising bricks may be purchased to honor a student, teacher, athlete, team, OHS class, business, individual, family or in memory of a loved one.  The bricks will be landscaped in two locations, both around the booth and on each side of the sidewalk leading to Charger Field.  Two colors and sizes of bricks are available.  4X8 bricks, which include 2-3 engraved lines, may be purchased for $125 for red and $150 for granite.  8X8 bricks, may include 5-6 engraved lines and may be purchased for $250 for red and $275 for granite.  Logos may also be placed on the 8X8 bricks for an additional charge.  There is a limit of 16 characters per line on all bricks including spaces.  Freewill donations are accepted and additional opportunities exist for anyone wishing to make a larger donation.  If fundraising donations exceed the cost of the ticket booth, the funds will be used for additional improvement at and around Charger Field.  For additional information, contact one of the volunteer listed on the attached order form below.